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Balwin is deepening its commitment to sustainable business and property development with the launch of the Balwin Green Awards.

The group already has a solid track record of continuous improvement to embed this goal into its very fabric: from its strategic objectives through its operations and results. Early 2022, we adopted an extensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy that clearly captures our intention and sets out a roadmap to Building Better Futures:

As South Africa’s largest sectional title developer, we are now encouraging our employees, contractors, and vendors to join us in Building Wealth for first-time home buyers, Building Inclusion for local development and Building Smart for a low carbon future by signing up for the Balwin Green Awards.

Together, we can deliver homes that support sustainable, healthy living, and drive the property and construction industry towards better practices.

Balwin Green Awards – Recognising the Best of the Best!

Balwin Properties is deeply committed to developments that epitomise excellence and that make a positive, sustainable difference in people’s lives. This commitment is at the core of our business. The Balwin Green Awards encourage all our stakeholders to join us on this journey by recognising and rewarding positive behaviour – from water and energy efficiency, to providing services and products with a lower carbon footprint, and paying it forward through initiatives that benefit the greater community.

Excellence goes hand in hand with constant improvement. Hence, we urge all our customers, employees and vendors to sign up for the Balwin Green Awards, the aim of which is to help build resilient, responsible, responsive individuals and communities, and, ultimately, a green economy that is rich in local, low impact and innovative technologies, services and products.

Why enter the Balwin Green Awards?

We believe in building a world that allows us all to thrive, now and into the future. As a member of the Balwin community, we don’t want you to be left behind.  Everyone has a role to play on this journey to sustainability. By showing us that you are living and working towards this shared goal, you’re already a winner!

As a company and as a community, we can prove how we are acting every day to use resources more efficiently, reduce negative impact on the environment, do more for our communities and build a green economy.


Entries open on 31 March 2022. Please register for the awards as soon as possible so that the monthly updates keep you informed. Some criteria are simple, while others require a bit more homework from your side.

The final entries are due on 26 September 2022, after which the judges will deliberate. The Balwin Green Awards ceremony will take place on 6 October 2022.

Award categories

You can enter as a Balwin staff member, as a Balwin site, as a Service Provider and contractor & suppliers. Click on the appropriate category to view the criteria.

We look forward to your entries!


Matthew Walley – Green Innovation Manager at Balwin Properties

Matthew has BSc(Eng) Aeronautical and MSc(Eng) as well as being the founder of the first South African company to be accepted into Y-combinator the world renowned start-up accelerator based in Palo Alto, California. Having a background in aerospace he first looked at renewable energy around wind turbines and then moved into renewable energy and sustainability in general. He is passionate about implementing solutions which result in real world benefits from both for the developer and for the client.

As Green Innovation manager he has led the team getting green certifications at Balwin, these include:

  • 9 GBCSA 6-star rated buildings
  • 7 Net-Zero Carbon
  • 30,000+ apartments registered for EDGE.
  • 7500 EDGE certificates
  • 7000 EDGE advanced certificates

Georgina Smit – Head of Technical at the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA)

Georgina Smit oversees certification and research related products that drive the property sector to design, build and operate buildings in a more sustainable way. She manages the technical team at the GBCSA who are responsible for independently certifying green and net zero buildings and identifying market leaders. Her daily responsibilities include driving market transformation through certification which can verify tangible, quantifiable impacts and providing customer focused technical support to all stakeholders engaging with the GBCSA, both in the private and public sector.

Jeunesse Park

Jeunesse Park is a visionary who pioneered vital climate change, food security and greening programmes in South Africa. She introduced urban forestry, urban agriculture and permaculture to South Africa in the early 1990’s and lobbied for their inclusion in government policy, as well as developing the first South African carbon calculator and the Carbon Protocol.

Her work has been recognised through various global and local awards and Vice President Al Gore appointed her the first African Climate Leader in 2011. She started the African Climate Reality Project, facilitated Gore’s training of the first 700 African Climate Leader, and has presented and mentored at other Climate Reality trainings globally.

Jeunesse is an alumna of HRH Prince Phillip’s CSC Leaders and an associate of the European Environment  Convention. She received an honorary doctorate from Rhodes University  acknowledging her pioneering climate change and environmental communications and action work.

She is currently the green advisor for South Africa’s largest, and greenest, residential property development company, Balwin Properties, is an advisor to the Board of Solar Aid, Save the San and various other  non-profits and start-ups.

Jeunesse has enriched many lives and landscapes. She lives and works with a passion to regenerate a better life for all on a thriving, healthier planet.

Chilufya Lombe – Director, Founder, Partner at Solid Green Consulting CC

Chilu is a mechanical engineer that has extensive experience in both performance and accreditation modelling for sustainability projects and performed energy modelling for the first Green Star rated office and retail buildings in South Africa. With background in traditional mechanical design, Chilufya has a special interest in detailed modelling of building systems to optimize energy usage using advanced building simulation tools such as DesignBuilder and EnergyPlus.

Chilufya is also a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa’s education faculty and a member of their project assessments panel. With experience in both Green Star project management and all the required accreditation modelling Chilufya often performs a dual function on projects.

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