There are myriad ways to invest your hard-earned cash. One way worth considering is to invest in a property that has the potential to earn you rental income. A top quality apartment in a fully secure, reputable and attractive Balwin lifestyle estate is such a property.

The big trick is to charge a rental that covers your bond and more. Not always easy. But when the property is conveniently close to all amenities, has world-class 24/7 security, magnificent leisure facilities in a state-of-the-art signature Lifestyle Centre, chances are you can charge a premium.

Chances are also that you will avoid periods of vacancy; the frustration faced by many property owners of having to cover the costs while their property stands empty. Balwin lifestyle estates are in great demand; from investors and tenants alike.

But remember; it’s really important to have a strong rental agreement in place before allowing a tenant to move in. Such a contract forms the backbone of any legal disputes and effectively protects your rights as the property owner.

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